Eu-Genia (“you-geh-knee-ah”) -the origin of goodness.

Everyone understands what it's like to want to have beautiful skin, but did you know there are millions of products out there that are actually filled with harmful chemicals and petroleum jelly?


We’re Eu'Genia,

a mother-daughter duo dedicated to all-natural premium moisturizers that heal and nourish while they moisturize. Our mission is to bring you luxury skincare with a positive impact that you can feel good about.

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Our Sustainable Values

Responsibly-Sourced & Sustainably-Paid.

We purchase nuts from our 7,500 organically trained and sustainably paid female pickers in Ghana. We then process the shea butter in-house according to the methods my mother developed as President of the Global Shea Alliance. Because of our full vertical integration, we guarantee the quality, from the tree to you.

To dedicate ourselves to fair wages and opportunities for our team, we donate 15% of our profits back in the form of an education fund.

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Raw Shea Goodness

Meet Nature’s Wonderbalm.

Shea butter is nature’s answer to your skin nourishment needs. It’s the perfect moisturizer to soothe and condition your skin, all while delivering vitamins & fatty acids for every skin type.

100% unprocessed & unrefined shea butter

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, E, & K

Paraben free, Sulfate free, and synthetic free

Vegan, 100% plant-based ingredients


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The Ultimate All in One for Skincare

The solution to your skincare woes and more.

From hydrating seasonal dry skin, to healing eczema and psoriasis, Eu'Genia can be used from head (and hair!) to toes.

Face: As a facial moisturizer, primer, or to provide your brows or eyelashes with extra hold. 

Body: As a daily body moisturizer to nourish damaged, depleted and stressed skin.  

Hair: As a hair conditioner, pomade, or heat protectant to tame frizz and lock in moisture.  

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Shea Love

More Shea Love

We can't get enough of all of the great reviews of our shea butter moisturizer! Check out our collection of video reviews (or our written reviews here) . As always, don't forget to tag @eugeniashea if you want to share your own #howdoyoushea!

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