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How do you make Shea Butter?

Eu’Genia’s supplier, Naasakle Ltd, works with its cooperative in Northern Ghana to harvest the shea fruit. Once the fruit is soft, they remove the shell from within, boil it, crack it, and extract the nut. The nuts are then hand sorted to ensure excellence (they’re very picky, up to 25% of nuts simply don’t make the cut). The lucky few are then cracked again for even roasting. After roasting, they are ground and kneaded with water, which forces shea’s moisturizing oils to separate from the matter. Remove the oils and boil them to separate it further. Naasakle Ltd does this process twice so that the resulting shea butter is as pure as possible. Next reduce the heat to allow water to evaporate and then filter again. Once Naasakle Ltd is happy with the quality, they stir until the shea begins to cool and thicken. It’s now ready for Eu’Genia to handle and mix with love! 


What Make Us Different?

We are a family business with roots in Ghana & America and the drive to change the world.


Shea Butter Benefits

The antioxidants and vitamins in shea butter make it an ideal candidate for use on skin and in hair (conditioner or scalp moisturizer).


What is Shea Butter?

The base of all our lotions, shea butter is a cream similar to cocoa butter that contains large amounts of antioxidants, and vitamins A & E.


How do you use Shea Butter?

Scoop out a small portion of Shea Butter and rub in your hands until the Shea is melted. Apply as needed.


How do I store Shea Butter?

We recommend storing at room temperature and using within two years of purchase. Do not worry if the shea melts at warmer temperatures; it’s still perfectly fine to use, but you may notice that the Shea takes on a grainier feel once it has reconstituted.


How long until I receive my shea?

All in all, U.S. shipping takes about 10 business days.  


What about refunds?

We offer refunds to unused or damaged products when we are notified of the issue within 30 of receipt. For more information, please visit:


How do subscriptions work?

You have the option of automatically purchasing any of our products on a monthly basis and snagging free shipping! On the subscription page, scroll down and select your desired formula, choose your preferred size/scent and click the "Join Now" button.


How do rewards work? 

You can follow this link to create an account, then shop like normal! You can find more details on our rewards info page

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