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This super lightweight multi-tasking oil absorbs quickly into skin for a hydrating, nourishing, and silky dewy finish. Our concentrated spray is easily applicable and works on practically everything.

We all know that your skin is your biggest organ, so it’s important to give it only the highest quality products, and Eu’Genia is here to show you that simple ingredients can pack the biggest punch. It’s all about self care, as we get older our hair and skin get more brittle, but our new moringa based body and hair oil is nutrient rich and filled with those essential fatty acids that our skin craves as we age followed by a refreshing crisp tea tree scent that quickly recedes into the background.

Ingredients: Moringa Oil (90%), Sunflower Oil (5%), Apricot Oil (3%), and Tea Tree Oil (2%)

As we age, fatty acids are depleted in our skin and we have to replenish those fatty acids to help give that appearance of radiance back to your skin.

Moringa oil is packed with essential fatty acids and is a potent way to get a daily dose of vitamins C, E, and A. From our perspective, it’s a life changer for your skin and hair beauty.

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The Essential Body Care Product