Inheriting the good and the bad

Inheriting the good and the bad

October 16, 2017

Among the many things I’ve inherited from my mother, and my mother’s mother: a
wicked sense of humor (at least we think so) a heavy hand for salt, and perhaps
most creepily, the best facial recognition skills in the history of ever. 

I’ve witnessed and adopted my mother’s fierce work ethic as my own, as well as both of their love of singing (specifically off tune... loudly). However, as with many good things, there’s been a less than desirable counter reaction to accompany it.

Case in point: the calluses that dot the outer rims of my toes and the dark circles
that sometimes underscore my eyes. Both of these attributes had bothered me off and on for years, and I grew frustrated as I tried to treat them, to no avail, with fancy pumice stones and under eye creams seen on QVC (because, where else?) I took note of how my mother and grandmother wore these characteristics while I tried to rid myself of them. These dark circles and calluses, I realized, were markers; tangible proof that I’d been places and seen things. They should be taken care of, rather than camouflaged. Eugenia Shea allows me to do just that. Our
Everyday Strength Shea Butter in particular, is designed to treat those dry,
rough patches of skin. Rubbing some on my feet at the end of a long day is my way of spreading thanks.

If my eyelids could speak, they’d tell you that relaxing isn’t exactly my forte. So, in
order to make sure they don’t up and leave me in the middle of a sleepless night, I
pat some of our Dermatological shea on the surface and beneath my eyes.

I use our products to spread love to the places that once bothered me most. How do you shea?