September 14, 2018

This is Eva. Chinese-American. Double Harvard. And a doctor to boot. But don’t put her in a box. Flashmobs? Check! Fanueil Hall was made for hundreds of people to gather and dance for Obama, right? That or to buy and sell goods in the pre-Amazon age (whenever that was). Either way, the fact remains that she’s shared footspace with Samuel Adams (the real Sam Adams, not just a 6-pack). Start-up maven? Check! Her company, Carewrite, is working to revolutionize the way in which people care for their loved ones. Melding her medical background with her awesome business acumen, the Carewrite app can help you a) track and sign-up for patient appointments, b) capture and share digital notes, c) manage medications, and d) store doctors’ contact information. There are a lot of questions I have in life. How has healthcare depended solely on pen & paper for so long, is definitely near the top of that list and Carewrite solves that problem. Her time in medicine has been a blessing and a curse though. The upside is that she has the potential to save literally hundreds of lives in her lifetime. The downside is that all that hand washing really drys out your hands! Eva’s answer? EuGenia’s 100% Pure Shea Butter. We’re helping her improve lives, and she’s helping us improve lives; it’s a win-win. #HowDoYouShea?