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Let's Get Moisturized

Want skin that glows like in the movies? 

We know how to give it to you.

Glow Up


First of all, what does normal even mean? From now on, I'm lumping normal with basic and banning it from my vocabulary.

So where does that leave us? Try our Everyday collection if you're looking for a gorgeous balm for daily, run-of-the-mill dry skin.

Bonus points for alt uses like pre-makeup primer, post shave balm, eyebrow/lash definer... you name it; this is your one-stop multi-purpose balm.

Nature's Wonderbalm

Skin Type: Extra Help, Please

For some reason, your skin isn't letting you be your best self. You're not far off, but you're not perfect either?

Here's the thing, our "Pregnancy Formula" isn't only for new moms. It's heightened shea content is meant to give anyone who is asking a little extra oomph!

We got you...

Skin Type: Sound the Alarm

You're sexy and you know it, but your skin doesn't always wanna show it? No big deal, check out our Dermatological Formula. Eu'Genia Shea is not a drug (repeat not a drug), but...

Our customers do agree that we've helped them reduce the appearance of everything from acne to psoriasis to eczema to whatever the official name for "chicken arms" is. You name it, we're here for you.

Emergency Aid

This is Julia

Cela est Julia. This is Julia experiencing fall in New England. Back to school for ex-accountants turned fashionable French teachers with a penchant for horseback riding means turning down the left side of your brain, and amping up your language skills to communicate fluidly with human child and equidae alike. For the past 10 years, psoriatic arthritis has put a bit of a trail bump on her path -- after all, it's hard to be youthfully exuberant when each jump and landing comes with back or knee pain. Luckily for Julia, her doctors have pinpointed some great medicine + homeopathic dietary solutions for the arthritis and she has found Eu'Genia Shea to soothe her psoriasis. Does Julia enjoy the time she has converted from worrying to teaching & riding? Mais bien sûr!

Julia's Secret